Steampunk Canvas and Tags - Lauren Tomecek

Hello chipboard lovers! I hope you had a good Easter. Regulars to the blog will have seen lots of the other Design Team members sharing their display canvases and tody I'm doing the same. If you get a chance to attend a craft expo where Scrapmatts is exhibiting be sure to check out all the canvases on display together, they always look amazing!

I've used quite a few different chipboard pieces here: CB5132 Chains 01, CB6113 Scrap Words 32, CB5137 Ornate Toppers 01, CB5124 Hexagon Mesh 03, CB1017 Keys 01, CB1230 Hinges, Keys & Keyholes 03, CB1124 Hinges 01, CB1078 Gears 05. I also used ST5007 Stencil Stones on the background.

I had wanted to do a steampunk-style piece for quite a while now and decided this would be the perfect chance to give it a go. Of course, being a new style I thought it best to practice on a smaller scale before starting work on the canvas so I tried out two different styles on some tags. Tags are so versatile for this purpose and now I can keep them to refer to later or add to layouts/cards in the future.
 A lot of the chipboard is the same as used on the canvas. Left tag: CB3007 Tags 03, CB5132 Chains 01, CB1239 Scrap Words 25, CB1078 Gears 05. Right tag: CB3007 Tags 03, CB1078 Gears 05, CB1017 Keys 01, CB6113 Scrap Words 32, CB602 Ornate Frame 02, CB5111 Layered Fob Watch 02.

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