September 2011 Challenge - "SCRAPLIFT" (winner announced)


The winner of our September Scrapmatts Challenge is Tarrah McLean  with 'A Dream ia a Wish your Heart Makes' .

Accepted and even encouraged throughout scrap booking communities, scrap lifting is the act of borrowing, or lifting, ideas and designs from somebody else's already created layout to use on your personal pages. As long as you're not submitting the layout for publication, claiming it as your own and accepting payment for it, it's okay to scrap lift for personal use. Common courtesy dictates that if you submit the page into an online member's gallery, that you give credit to the original artist and explicitly state that your page is a scrap lift of theirs. Many artists feel flattered when another scrapper duplicates their pages. Imitation is, after all, the highest form of flattery. Individual scrapbookers are part of a larger community that is always happy to provide inspiration and encouragement.


Believe it or not, it is also possible to scrap lift yourself. As you grow and learn more about the art of scrap booking you will inevitably begin to develop your personal style as well as discover new tips and tricks along the way. Look back at layouts you made a year ago and consider what you would do differently now to improve them. Using those new ideas, create a brand new page with more up to date photos.


So our September Challenge is to Scraplift a layout/card or OTP from the members gallery.


I asked the DT to Scraplift members from our Scrapmatts gallery. These were the layouts completed by our amazing and talented DT.


Anne Patterson who has  lifted "I Love How" by Kim Ewin 


(out for publication) 

Kim Kendell who has scraplifted "Bare Foot" by Lindy Gillispie




Sonia Thompson who scraplifted Renea Harrison’s layout ‘True Beauty’ on pg 10 in the gallery.




Cathy Cafun who scraplifted Kim Ewins "Always Have Fun" on pg 11 in the gallery.





and last but not least my scraplift of Ebony van der Starre's "Sunshine and Lollipops"on

pg 64 in the gallery.



To be eligible, your creation MUST also have Scrapmatts on it.  

The prize will be a $25.00 Scrapmatts gift voucher.

Members need to upload their entry into the normal gallery and just call it 'September Challenge' and we will move it into an album.

Creations must be uploaded into the gallery by the end of the month.

Goodluck and happy scrapping from the Scrapmatts Team!!

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Wooo hooo.... this challenge was so fun.  I hope everyone gets the chance to have a go.
I still want to do this :(  .....getting on to it

Thanks for such a wonderful challenge Kylie! I can't wait to see the gallery fill up with fabulous creations.

Thanks for creating such a lovely layout for me to scraplift Renae!

wow how awesome are these LO's so Inspiring
Woohoo, this looks like a fun challenge, could be fun to have a go for my first one on here. Lots or awesome stuff to try scraplifting too.

Awesome challenge and wonderful examples..Last month just got away from me and I was not able to enter I hope I will be able to enter this month  this is such a fun challenge..


I'm off to search for a suitable scraplift. Will upoad very soon(hopefully!)
A fabulous challenge Kylie!! Can't wait to see how everyone is inspired and who they choose to scraplift.  Thanks Kim your work is truly inspirational!!
What an awesome challenge Kylie, can't wait to have a go. Will be SOOOO hard to choose who to lift though!!!
Gorgeous lifts ladies, and I hope I get to play along this month, because it sounds like a fun challenge!

Great lifts by the DT

Hope to find the time to do the challenge !!!

Kylie, this was such a great challenge! I went through the whole gallery and there is so much inspiring works of art in there, everyone is so talented!!! I look forward to next months challenge since I will be away for the rest of the month with work... :)

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